Who do I contact?

All registration and financial questions can be emailed to admin@dakotaunitedsoccer.com. Soccer field and play questions can be emailed to director@dakotaunitedsoccer.com.

After teams have been created and you have a coach, your coach will be your main point of contact as this helps alleviate hundreds of emails that come through to our admin@ and director@ email addresses. 

*Practice Info
I want to sign up but can't find the practice dates and times. Where do you post them?

Practice dates and times are not created until after teams are generated and we have coaches for teams. Those volunteer parents choose dates and times that work for them. We couldn't run this program if they were not involved. We rely on them  and in doing so work with their schedules.

Where can I find a practice schedule once coaches are assigned?

Your practice schedule will be posted on your team page under your My Account section.

*Game Info
Why are games scheduled on Sundays?

We only schedule games on a Sunday if weather is uncooperative during our 6 week session. We have a limited number of weeks as the fields are transitioned from one season to another by Bismarck Parks and Rec.

Are games held in the rain?

Yes. Games continue in the rain unless lightening is in the area. DUSC staff/coaches will call it a day if we see weather will cause an issue.

*Team Info
When will I know what team my child(ren) is/are on?

Once registration closes it takes DUSC one week to organize teams. This process is no small feat. Please be patient and we will reach out to you via email when your team information is ready.

Why does it take so long to create teams?

Creating the teams doesn't take days...part of that process is making sure we have a coach for all teams. If you do not see a coach on your team page please consider volunteering. 

Where do I find my child(ren)'s team info?

Your team info will be posted on your team page under your My Account section.

Where do I find the coach name and contact info for our team?

Your coach and their contact info will be posted on your team page under your My Account section.

How are teams made?

Teams are created based on gender, grade, school, number of kids registered, and parents that have volunteered to coach.

Can I get a different size shirt?

No. We order exactly the size you request on the registration form.

Where can I get an order form?

Coaches will hand out photo order forms with shirts but you can also find a link to the navigation on this page.

*Coaching Info
How do I volunteer to coach a team?

As a parent you can volunteer while registering your child(ren). If you are over the age of 18 and interested in volunteering your time, please contact our office.

I have never coached soccer. Where do I start?

There are rules and lesson plans at the bottom of the recreation page.