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How does this work?

Please reveiw the items below for detailed answers. Once registration closes, it takes about 1.5-2 weeks to split up teams and make sure we have coaches for all teams. After that is complete then coaches will reach out to their respective teams to introduce themselves as well as let the teams know practices days and times. Coaches will be your main point of contact once they have been announced.

I'm new to DUSC Recreation Leauge, how does this work?

Thank you for considering to join DUSC, if you already registered, welcome! A major component of our recreation league is our wonderful parent volunteers, they are the core that helps make this huge session run. In order to get things rolling, our office staff work to get those coaches set up first and foremost. 

Who do I contact?

All questions can be emailed to Sending questions here will allow a variety of our staff and volunteers the ability to answer your questions.

If you are reaching out to our office, please contact us via one medium only! An email, a phone call, a text message, and a post on Facebook are 4 separate places for us to keep track of and if you choose all four places it is harder for us to reach everyone and use our time efficiently. In the spring of 2021, just the admin email alone was over 100 hours of replies within 15 days! 

After teams have been created and you have a coach, your coach will be your main point of contact as this helps alleviate hundreds of emails that come through to our office staff. 

How do I register?

Click My Account in the right nav, log in or create an account.
Click My Players to add your child(ren). If already added, move to next step. 
Click Recreation within My Account to register. (Please complete your registration once you start. Registrations are not held in the shopping cart to come back to later.) You will be fully registered once you receive a PayPal receipt.

When registering please make sure to choose the proper grade your, the school your child is in, and also be sure you have selected the appropriate gender. We receive many calls/emails after team placement goes out that kids are in the wrong grade or on the wrong gender team. We use the information you provide to us for placement.

Why isn't my child's preschool on the registration form?

We encourage you to choose the school that your child will attend when they enter kindergarten. This is a good way for them to meet some kids they will be with once they get to school.

Can I register my three year old?

No. Your child must be 4 years old. They MUST be four at the time of registration. 

This is our first time in soccer, what do we need to play recreational soccer?

Dress for the weather in layers, they may get warm running around. Bring a water bottle. Tennis shoes are fine, soccer cleats are optional. Our coaches are provided three soccer balls for the season to use. If you can bring a soccer ball that is great but not required. Shin guards are required covered by soccer socks to hold them in place.

I registered already, why am I still receving marketing emails about registering?

The two systems, receivng registrations and sending marketing emails, are not related. Be assured that if you received your receipt your registration is still good.

I didn't receive an email receipt?

Your receipt, order confirmation page, appears once you submit your payment. That final confirmation page is your receipt. Emails are simple a courtesy. The system is set to send email receipts but some email servers block them. 

I'm not sure if I already registered? Can you make sure my child is registered?

You can see your current registrations by logging into the My Account section and clicking Recreation League. Your current registrations will be there along with the date that you registered. 

I registered but haven't received any emails yet?

We try to get a welcome email sent out within a couple days of registration closing which lets you know we do have your info and we are getting started on bulding teams. Log into My Account > My Teams page to see any emails that have been sent for the season. (This is also where you will find your team(s) they have been announced.)

*Practice Info

When do practices start?

Practices start the week of the first games. Games will be on Saturdays do you will start practice sometime that week.

Can I request the practice night I would like?

No. I'm sorry but we can't take requests for practice nights. The best we can recommend is once you have your team assingment and coaches contact info that parents and coaches try to work out a time that fits everyones schedule. Things usually works out and we understand there are cases that are dificult but we certainly cannot accommodate all scheduling requests we receive. With up to 1,300 registrants that just isn't possible.

My child practices at a location no where near the school s/he goes to, can I change teams?

No. Sometimes this happens. You may live north and your team will practice at Cottonwood which is on the south end of town. 

I can't find the practice dates and times. Where do you post them?

Practice dates and times are not created until after teams are generated and we have coaches for teams. Those volunteer coaches choose days and times that work for them. We couldn't run this program if they were not involved. We rely on them  and in doing so work with their schedules.

Where can I find a practice schedule once coaches are assigned?

Your practice schedule will be posted on your team page under your My Account section once a coach is assigned and they have chosen their practice date and time. Practices are held once per week.

*Game Info

Why are games scheduled on Sundays?

We only schedule games on a Sunday if weather is uncooperative during our 6 week session. We have a limited number of weeks as the fields are transitioned from one season to another by Bismarck Parks and Rec.

Are games held in the rain?

Yes. Games continue in the rain unless lightening is in the area. DUSC staff/coaches will call it a day if we see weather will cause an issue.

When will the game schedule be availabe?

As soon as we have the teams built then Jonny can start working on the schedule. This usually takes about a week. You may see the schedule posted in the navigation but please keep in mind that when it is completely finished you will receive an email stating it is ready.

Where are games played?

Games are held at the Cottonwood Soccer Complex on South 12th Street.

*Team Info

When will I know what team my child(ren) is/are on?

Once registration closes it takes DUSC 1.5-2 weeks to organize teams. This process is no small feat. Please be patient and we will reach out to you via email when your team information is ready. Log into My Account > My Teams page to see any emails that have been sent for the season as well as to see your team(s) if they have been announced.

Why does it take so long to create teams?

Creating the teams doesn't take days...part of that process is making sure we have a coach for all teams. If you do not see a coach on your team page please consider volunteering. 

Where do I find my child(ren)'s team info?

Your team info will be posted on your team page under your My Account section.

Where do I find the coach name and contact info for our team?

Your coach and their contact info will be posted on your team page under your My Account section.

How are teams made?

Teams are created based on gender, grade, school, number of kids registered, friend requests, and parents that have volunteered to coach. 

My child's team was split up, why don't you keep them together?

There are multiple circumstances that factor into splitting up a group of players from one school. There could be one or multiple factors:

  • too many kids registered for that grade and school
  • more coaches than needed and/or no coaches at all
  • a coach versus assistant coach

No matter how things get split up we just can't please everyone. Please try to understand.

Why would you put a group of kids from a south school with a north school?

This again has multiple factors that could affect the decision to do so:

  • not enough kids from one school
  • low numbers of kids from multiple schools
  • numbers work best after having to split a school

No matter how things get split up we just can't please everyone. Please try to understand.

Can I get a different size shirt?

No. We order exactly the size you request on the registration form. We do not order extra shirts.

Why is my sixth grader on a fifth grade team?

Sixth grade is the year that kids start school soccer. Our registration for sixth graders isn't always enough so we will blend 6th graders into the fifth grade teams if necessary. We have done this for a few years and everything works well so the kids are still able to play soccer.


Where can I get an order form?

Coaches will hand out photo order forms with shirts but you can also find a link to the navigation on this page.

*Coaching Info

How do I volunteer to coach a team?

As a parent you can volunteer while registering your child(ren). If you are over the age of 18 and interested in volunteering your time, please contact our office.

I have never coached soccer. Where do I start?

There are rules and lesson plans at the bottom of the recreation page.