Where can I register for this tournament?

Registration for Frosty Cup 2020 will be open shortly.

What is the game duration?

  • 18-minute halves.
  • 2-minute half-time.

How much does this tournament cost?

The cost is $315 per team.

What level should I register my team at?

We have two levels and they are:

  • Gold (Upper)
  • Silver (Lower)

Can we dual roster?

For a player to dual roster, they must have approval from the Technical Director.

What do I need for Check-In?

All of the requirements for check-in are completed during your registration process. 

What if there is a jersey color conflict?

We will either:

  • Ask the home team to play in an away jersey if possible. 
  • Use pennies.


Updated: 12/17/19