Where can I register for this tournament?

Registration here for Frosty Cup 2021.

What is the game duration?

  • 18-minute halves.
  • 2-minute half-time.

How much does this tournament cost?

The cost is $315 per team.

What level should I register my team at?

We have two levels and they are:

  • Gold (Upper)
  • Silver (Lower)

Can we dual roster?

For a player to dual roster, they must have approval from the Technical Director.

What do I need for Check-In?

All of the requirements for check-in are completed during your registration process. You will be given a location to pick up registration packets for the tournament.

What if there is a jersey color conflict?

We will either:

  • Ask the home team to play in an away jersey if possible, or
  • Use pennies.

Are cleats allowed at the Four Season Center or Sanford Power?

No cleats allowed.

What about COVID?

There are so many ifs involved with COVID rules it is hard to know the correct answers. Please know that we are doing our best to provide a great tournament for players and spectators that you have come to expect. Also please know that rules and guidelines are ever changing these days and we will adjust as needed for the safety of our players, fans, coaches and volunteers.

Are masks required?

No. Please stay home if you are feeling sick. Do your part to keep everyone else healthy and prevent the spread of illness.

Are spectators allowed?


Is there a cost for spectators?

Yes. $10 per wristband. Pre-sold in bundles through team managers or one parent point of contact or availabe at the door. All pre-sold wristbands will be given to team managers in the team packet.

I am a parent trying to purchase spectator wristbands for my team, where do I find my team number?

Team managers have your team ID number.

I am a parent, where do I pick up my wristband?

All pre-purchased wristbands will be given to team managers in the team packet as long as you indicated you want some. Wristbands are being pre-sold in team bundles or are available at the door.

Can I bring my non-playing child as a spectator?

Yes. As long as they have one of the two wristbands you requested. However, if said child is 5 years old or younger they may enter with a parent that has a wristband. 

Do players and coaches/managers need wristbands?

Yes. No one will be allowed in the building without a wristband.

Will games be live streamed?

We may try to livestream games.

Is a waiver required for each player?

Yes. Due to the current circumstances we are also requiring a signed USSSA Covid-19 Youth Waiver for each player to be uploaded along with your other documentation for a total of 4 team files. Team managers are to upload this waiver for each player on the roster. Parents can help out their team manager by filling out this form and emailing it to them.


Updated: 1/25/22