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Alexa Quaranta


Naperville, IL 

Soccer experience:

Played for Eclipse DA as well as ODP National, regional, and state team. Played one year at Western Illinois before transferring. Played semi pro with Chicago Dutch lions in 2021. Currently playing for UMary Women’s soccer.

Coaching experience:

I have been coaching since I was 10 years old. I would go with my dad and work with 18 month to 6 year olds. At 14 I started training all ages and genders. I worked with 5 year olds to 14 year olds both male and female. I did one on ones as well as small groups. At 17 I coached a freshman high school boys 3v3 team and a U10 girls team. I also helped with a local club near me training their 13 year old boys. Then at 18 I ran my own futsal camp for high schoolers. I currently have my D license but want to work towards a National A. 

Why do you coach?

I want to coach because I want to inspire kids to be themselves. I believe soccer has been my support system and has let me be creative. I want to encourage kids to be creative and have fun with soccer as well as get better technically. Soccer is a great way to learn who you are as a person and a player while learning how to work with others. I want to be a coach to help kids learn who they are but also learn the game.  

What soccer team do you support?

Juventus hands down! Definitely been struggling the past few seasons with new players coming in and old ones leaving but when Pogba and Chiesa get to 100% again we will get back on top. 

Fun Fact:

My dogs name is Nutmeg after the soccer move and he has his own Juventus jersey.