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Mo Malone


Placentia, California

Soccer experience:

I have played soccer since I was 4 years old and I played D1 soccer last year at UTEP and I transferred to UMary to continue playing this past summer. 

Coaching experience:

I do not have a coaching license but I have helped coach at my local high school in California and have helped out with younger kids just for fun. 

Why do you coach?

I like to coach because I feel as if I have the drive to pass my knowledge of soccer on to the next generations. I want kids to grow to love soccer as much as I have and I believe this sport brings out the best in people and I like being a part of that journey. 

What soccer team do you support?

For women, I support the USWNT and Angel FC. For men, I support Chelsea.

Fun Fact:

One fun fact is I am indeed from California but I cannot surf.